Frequently Asked Questions

About Investools

  1. I've never heard of Investools from TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. before. Can you tell me more about your organization?

Investools from TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. offers a full range of investor education products and services for self-directed investors.

Over the past 25 years, Investools has helped more than 500,000 people become better educated investors.

Investools products and services are built around the Investools Method®—a unique combination of online learning and coaching designed to help investors learn more effectively and take control of their financial futures.

Investools Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation.

  2. Is Investools a brokerage firm?

Neither Investools, nor any of its respective officers, personnel, representatives, agents or independent contractors are, in such capacities, licensed financial advisers, registered investment advisers or registered broker-dealers.

  3. Does Investools provide advice?

Neither Investools, nor any of its respective officers, personnel, representatives, agents or independent contractors provide investment or financial advice or make investment recommendations, nor are they in the business of transacting trades, nor do they direct client-commodity accounts or give commodity trading advice tailored to any particular client's situation.

  4. Some investment educators seem untrustworthy. I'd like to confirm Investools is not a scam.

Investools is not like many other investment educators, and Investools is definitely not a scam. Investools has been helping people to take control of their finances for over 25 years. To date, over half a million people have learned to invest in any market with help from Investools. Our organization is dedicated to delivering a superior client experience. Our instructors are veteran traders, and many carry some of the most prestigious market designations in the financial services industry. These experienced instructors work closely with our head of Learning Design and Development, a PhD and expert in curriculum design, to develop high-quality courses to meet your needs.

In recognition of our high standards, Investools has been approved as an Authorized Provider by "the premier standard-setting organization for continuing education and training providers," the Internal Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)^. The quality of our training system has qualified us to provide continuing education to eligible financial professionals. We are approved to offer continuing education credits to Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) as a CFP® Board-Registered education provider.

Investools is committed to providing our students with educational opportunities appropriate to their experience and financial situations. That is why we allow students to enroll in individual courses that meet their particular learning needs. Because we always have our clients’ best interests in mind, we have also implemented suitability guidelines for prospective students strongly recommending, among other things, that individuals should not spend more than 25% of their investable assets on investor education.

About Investools Investor Education

  5. Is this day trading?

No, Investools does not teach day trading strategies. Investools offers only the information and education on how you can make trading decisions.

  6. What if I've never traded a stock before?

We offer beginner, advanced and expert courses. So regardless of your investing experience, there is a course for you.

  7. What if I'm very experienced at trading? Is this for me?

Beginners and advanced traders alike use the Investor Toolbox® to aid their analysis. Also, in addition to our core courses, we offer advanced and expert courses that can teach you new strategies to supplement your current system. So regardless of your investing experience, there is a course for you.

  8. What exactly do I get?

With each Investools course, you receive access to the following:

  • An Online Course that introduces key concepts and sample trading rules
  • A Workshop (in-person or online) that helps you put your new trading rules into practice
  • A full suite of research and analysis tools in the Investor Toolbox®
  • Video tutorials to help you make the most of the Investor Toolbox

  9. Are there any in-person workshops?

Every course includes a Workshop, which is delivered both in-person and online. In-Person Workshops are taught around the United States. We also offer One-to-One Coaching to provide investors with personal guidance throughout the learning process.

10. What courses do you offer?

We offer the following courses: Stock Investing, Options Strategies, Portfolio Management, Income Investing, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Advanced Options Strategies, Forex Trading, and Futures Trading.

11. How long does it take to complete the courses?

Our Online Courses are designed to allow you to set your own pace. You can take as much time as you need to review the Online Course material.

12. How much time will I need to invest and manage my investments?

Your investing style determines how much time you need to devote to your investing. Only you can determine how much time will be needed in your investing routine.

13. Am I committing myself to appointments?

No, you can complete all of our Online Courses on your own schedule.

14. Do you offer any additional products or services?

We have a wide range of products and services available, including Online Coaching, Trading Rooms®, and One-to-One Coaching.

15. What's the difference between Online Coaching and Trading Rooms®?

In Online Coaching, you and other Investools students lead the session by asking questions directly to an Investools instructor. By contrast, our Trading Rooms® are led by Investools instructors. During Trading Rooms, Instructors place paper trades, examine new trading rules, and explore new topics. You can view Online Coaching and Trading Rooms live or watch archived sessions at your own convenience.

16. Is this a software program that will tell me what to buy?

No, Investools does not tell you what to buy. We provide the information, online tools, and education to enable you to analyze your own trades.

17. Can my spouse take the course with me?

Yes, you may use the program together. Each primary account owner may create a guest account that can be used by a family member. The guest account will have equal access to what the primary account has, with the exception of Real-time Quotes (RTQ). If access to RTQ is desired, the primary and guest would need to purchase them.

18. Where do the instructors come from? How good are they?

We have more than 35 educators on staff. Our instructors are experienced market investors. They're passionate about investing, and dedicated to helping you become a better educated investor. This has fueled our reputation around the United States as a leader in investor education.

19. Are there any tests I have to take prior to enrolling in one of your programs?

No, you do not need to complete any tests before enrolling in our programs.

20. Will this education earn me any kind of degree or college credit?

No, we are not an accredited university.

21. Are course materials sent in the mail?

No, all our course materials are available via our website.

22. What happens when my Investools subscription expires?

If your subscription expires, you will not be able to access Investools courses, tools, or coaching products. To renew your subscription, call 800-291-8289.

Technical Requirements

23. I'm not very online-savvy. Will I understand this?

We provide all of the training and support necessary to become acquainted with the online tools you will be using.

24. What are the computer requirements?

We support Windows®7, Windows XP, Windows 10 and Mac OS® X. Your web browser needs to be at least Firefox® 36, Google Chrome 35, or Internet Explorer 9, though we strongly recommend Firefox 38 or Internet Explorer 10. Additionally, a recent version of Java and Adobe® Flash® Player is necessary. A broadband Internet connection is required for Webcasts and multimedia portions of your education.

25. Do I need an Internet connection?

Yes, an Internet connection is required. Broadband is necessary for certain components of your education.

26. Do I need a brokerage account?

You do not need a brokerage account to enroll in Investools education products and services.

Continuing Education

27. Which associations recognize completed Investools online courses and live workshops for CE credit?

  • CFP (Certified Financial Planner) Board of Standards: Investools Inc. is registered with the Certified Financial Planners (CFP) Board as a sponsor of continuing education for CFP members. About CFP
  • NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy) for CPAs: Investools Inc. is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have the final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website: www.nasbaregistry.orgAbout NASBA
  • IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training): Investools Inc. has been approved as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), 1760 Old Meadow Road, Suite 500, McLean, VA 22102. About IACET

28. Which courses and live workshops give CE credit?

The online courses and live workshops listed below qualify for CE credit. You can take the online course and attend the two-day live workshop and receive credit for both.

Stock Investing—Online Course and Live Workshop
Technical Analysis—Online Course and Live Workshop
Fundamental Analysis—Online Course and Live Workshop
Options Strategies—Online Course and Live Workshop
Advanced Options Strategies—Online Course and Live Workshop
Forex Trading—Online Course and Live Workshop
Futures Trading—Online Course and Live Workshop
Portfolio Management—Online Course and Live Workshop
Income Investing—Online Course and Live Workshop
FastTrack: Weekly Options—Online Course Only

29. How many CEs/CPEs/CEUs can I earn for an online course and live workshop?
Stock Investing Course5.0N/A*0.8
Stock Investing Workshop18181.3
Fundamental Analysis Course6.5N/A*0.8
Fundamental Analysis Workshop18181.3
Technical Analysis Course6N/A*0.9
Technical Analysis Workshop18181.3
Options Strategies Course10N/A*1.8
Option Strategies Workshop18181.3
Advanced Options Strategies Course8.5N/A*0.6
Advanced Options Strategies Workshop18181.3
Forex Trading Course6N/A*0.7
Forex Trading Workshop18181.3
Futures Trading Course3.5N/A*0.5
Futures Trading Workshop18181.3
Portfolio Management Course3.5N/A*0.5
Portfolio Management Workshop18181.3
Income Investing Course4N/A*1.1
Income Investing Workshop18181.3
FastTrack: Weekly Options3.5N/A*0.5
* Not available for CPE credit at this time.
30. Does the annual Investools Investor Education Conference qualify for continuing education credit?

The annual conference is NASBA and CFP approved. Each breakout session is worth 2 CPEs/CEs; Trading Rooms® are worth 1 CPE/CE. We do not offer continuing education for IACET CEUs. For more information, call Client Services at 800-204-7143, Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET.

31. Do live capstone events qualify for continuing education credit?

No, live capstone events do not qualify for continuing education credit.

32. Do online workshops qualify for continuing education credit?

No, online workshops do not qualify for continuing education credit.